In August 2010 I stepped on a tennis court for the first time. I was with my parents and our two bernese mountain dogs on holidays in Styria, to Enzianhof at Ligist.There, I saw my father play tennis and I absolutely wanted to try it. From the get-go, I had a really great time with the local coach, Ernst Übeleis, even if at the beginning, I was not allowed to hit the ball .

The year and a half that followed, we drove back to Ernst’s place (in Winter to Kerschenbauer at Fischbach), every 4 to 6 weeks, until he convinced my parents to look for a suitable tennis club in Vienna.

My mother remembered Martin Pauer, who used to give tennis lessons to my father more than 25 years ago. We quickly looked him up on Google, called him and the next day, by the end of March 2012, I got to know Martin.

We started off with 2 group trainings a week, and slowly but surely, it became more and more.

After that, I became part of the WTV- and the ÖTV-Team.

In summer 2015, Martin Pauer decided to focus on me. At that time, Stefan “ Steve” Grubmüller was my conditioning coach. In September 2017, I started my third year of middle school at Neulandschule Laaerberg and since November 2017, Steve has been my tennis coach as well.

From autumn 2018 to summer 2020, I completed my education through homeschooling.

After two very helpful and constructive years with Steve, with the support of Peter Hackmair, in February 2020, I switched to the Better Tennis Academy with Richard “Richi” Bartosch and his team. Shortly thereafter, the collaboration started with ATC-Akademie under Wolfgang Thiem.

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