“Play the Davis Cup for Austria, together with Dominic Thiem”.

My philosophy:

„Impossible is nothing“  Muhammad Ali

My guidelines:

  • Long-term performance development
  • Systematic performances
  • 4 pillars: technical skills, body fitness, mental strength and what I call “the surroundings” (entourage, recovery, nutrition, club) which equally contribute to building solid foundations to reach my long-term goals.

My strengths:

  • Learning ability
  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Will

My long-term goals:

  • Davis Cup for Austria
  • Grand Slam Tournament
  • Olympic Games

My medium-term goals:

  • ITF Junior Grand Slam Tournament
  • Orange Bowl
  • European Cup

My working goal:

Results are obviously important, but not as much as my level of performance. It shows my improvements more reliably.

Therefore, I do not measure my development with rankings, but rather with improvements in certain areas of my game.

The training plan I developed together with my coach, focuses on the development of abilities, which are necessary for the achievement of my long-term goals.